Create animated headers for your website!Headers In the Slideshows you're able to upload your own JPG pictures for using them in a slideshow!Slide Shows In the Picturebanners you're able to upload your own JPG pictures and use them in the banners!Picture 468*60 Graphic banners with amazing flash effects!Graphic 468*60 The sound banners play a little sound loop when the user moves his mouse over it!Sound 468*60 In the Picturebanners you're able to upload your own JPG pictures and use them in the banners!Page peel
80x210, another banner format which is very useful, because it can easily be placed in navigation bars!80*210
Big big skyscraper banners including your own pictures160*600

Sometimes there is something new... even on my website ;-) This is the news and update history more or less of

News & Updates 2018

May 2018
Changes on

News & Updates 2017

January 2017
Kredite online (GER)

News & Updates 2016

July 2016
Onlinebanken und Direktbanken (GER)

News & Updates 2015

March 2015
Resizing banners
New Color Picker for text- and background-color
Q7: Is it possible to get a license to do multiple banners?

February 2015
3 new Flashbanner in the banner maker
File type .SWF
Welcome to the new Help and FAQ Area
HTML5 converter

News & Updates 2014

October 2014
New slideshow has started it's work
Free picture slide shows also for your website
Closure of Premium Area

April 2014
Switch to clickTAG banners in the FREE AREA completed
clickTAG banners even in the FREE AREA now

March 2014
The SHOWROOM, see what the others have done here

February 2014
Use of Premium Area without Paypal account
Problems with Premium Area solved

News & Updates 2013

March 2013
New webpage layout

News & Updates 2012

November 2012
Picture trimming

October 2012
Premium Area working again

May 2012
New page peel banner

April 2012
Faster banner creation process

January 2012
New 468x60 picture banner (3 pics)
Robo banner -80x210- without ENTER text

News & Updates 2011

December 2011
New 468x60 picture banner

November 2011
New Skyscraper bannertemplate (4 pictures)

May 2011
New 468x60 banner for 3 pictures

News & Updates 2010

November 2010
New banner template for 3 pictures

June 2010
New multi-picture-banner

March 2010
Changes in layout

January 2010
New Skyscraper banner online
New soundbanner

News & Updates 2009

June 2009
2 new skyscrapers 160x600

News & Updates 2008

December 2008
Banners with clickTAG possible now

November 2008
Q1: How to hyperlink a flash banner?
Q2: My site does not show the banner
Q3: No transparent background, why?
Q4: How to save the banner?
Q5: Save target as greyed out, why?
Q6: Banner run off after some hours.

September 2008
Skyscraper, new banner template group

July 2008
Cloud! New graphic banner template online

June 2008
New template has started work

January 2008
New Picture Banner for upright pictures
Picturebanners, resize problem solved

News & Updates 2007

November 2007
Password delivery for the Premium Area

October 2007
Further multipicture banner
Suggestible filesize for picture banners

September 2007
New multi-picture-banner

July 2007
New flash banner template

April 2007
Better HTML code / New flash clock banner

March 2007
New multipicture banner / PNG upload

February 2007

January 2007
New Flashbanner

News & Updates 2006

December 2006
Happy welcome to the forum
New banner Laserball
New Peelbanner

November 2006
Peel banner
New 80x210 banner

September 2006
New banner with mirror effect

August 2006
Format 80x210 and Soundbanners
3 new Flashbanners

July 2006
Problems with Firefox

June 2006
New Picture Banner

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