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Apr. 29. 2007

Better HTML code / New flash clock banner

Today I come arround with 2 new things: 


The HTML code for displaying flashfiles such as flash banners shown on is OK and it works. Anyway, for some internet users who use the Microsoft InternetExplorer SP2 this code can cause some problems, because they have to activate the banners first with a click on it before they can use it. Eventually they have to click 2 times on it to get forwarded to the linked website.
Furthermore rollover effects, such as in the soundbanners, don't work in their case.

Reason therefore are some changes Microsoft did to the InternetExplorer in ServicePack2 to avoid a Eolas patent. Unfortunately you as a webdesigner have to pay for it, because you need a more tricky code to show your flash content in the same quality as in younger times.

You'll find several solutions to solve this problem on the internet. I use the on explained in 3 easy steps behind this link:


I have designed a second banner with a fully functional flash clock in it. As against the first one there is only a part of the clock visible. I feel that causes a impressive effect. But have a look yourself behind that link:

Regards Gerd


Comment from pawowgold, Nov. 24. 2011
very good, it's very useful to me, thank you very much!

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