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Feb. 22. 2015

File type .SWF

All banners created on this website are in .SWF-format (Flash), what is vector based animation format. This means the files are no conventional picture files like JPG, GIF or PNG. Neither they can be converted into those file types in a reasonable way.

Even if the GIF-format allows animations as well, it wouldn’t be advising to convert a SWF-file into a GIF-format, since it would produce a giant file size.
GIF works like a flip-book, what means that a lot of single pictures get shown quickly in serial, thus the big file size.

So a flash file is no picture, what means that it cannot be included into a website with the <IMAGE-TAG>. These files require another HTML-code.
On the one hand you find a link to copy and paste the HTML on the left-hand side, but better you use the HTML-code displayed after banner creation at the bottom of the page. There you have the benefit that sizes for width and height are set correctly.


Comment from Michael C., Feb. 28. 2015

This is in reference to Banner no. 2519859 - Filesize: 69 KB

I created a 468x60 banner and I fail to copy the HTML-code below it before It took me to the Paypal account to pay for it.Could you help me recover the HTML-code for this banner, so that I can advertise it? My email account is

I paid using Paypal for the banner using this email for my Paypal account. Thanks for your help.

Hello Michael,
in that case just use the HTML-coder from the site (→ in the yellow box) and set it up as follows:
- Change the red letters to the place were you have stored the banner on the internet.
- Change the green letters ( to the target URL were your banner should link to.
Regards, Gerd 


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