How to use?

First of all choose a background image from your computer. If you are on your smartphone you might even use your facecam to make a photo directly.

#1.X) After picture is uploaded

#1) Preparing your background image.
#1.1) If your picture has wrong orientation you can rotate it here.
#1.2) Here you decide whether your voucher should be landscape or portrait format.
#1.3) A rectangle will appear upon your photo. You might move or resize this to select the relevant part of the image.
#1.4) If you are satisfied click this button to continue.

#2.X) Style your voucher

#2) Style your voucher.
#2.1) Text size: You'll find different sizes for text to get all you want to say on it.
#2.2) Choose a color for the border and the headline.
#2.3) Choose a color for your text.
#2.4) Incidence: If you want the recipient to use this voucher several times, you can choose here how often and as many check boxes will appear.
#2.5) Click into the image to change the headline.
#2.6) Click here to change the text.
#2.7) DOWNLOAD: Receive the voucher as a JPG image.
#2.8) Click the update-button if changes don't appear on the fly or to save your input.
#2.9) Delete your data when you are done.

First choose a background image!

If you are on your smartphone you may also make a photo directly with your facecam. Upload this picture as a background image for your voucher.


...for a night out...
only the two of us!
Dancing, laughing and drinking...
I like to spent time with you and therefore this voucher.
To be honest this is a trick, because I love to spent time with you so much!

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