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May. 10. 2018

Changes on

The time for the Flash Banner Creator is over, unfortunately. Almost nobody needs flashbanners anymore. Techniques have changed, HTML5 was launched, css3 is also there and this made flashbanners old fashioned.
Furthermore most browsers ask for a special permission to display flash content.

Changes might be hard sometimes, but you cannot scientific progress and therefore it's time to say good bye and follow other routes. With the day of today became something different, a voucher maker!

Maybe this will also provide a benefit and something users like- we will see. The old version of the website will further exist, but there will be no updates and no fee required premium banners without advertisement anymore. This website will be something like a museum for the future.

But try to have a look at the voucher creator what you will find behind the "HOME" button. Maybe this gives you also an opportunity to do something useful on the server here. Make somebody you like a present using the personal gift certificate maker.

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