Create animated headers for your website!Headers In the Slideshows you're able to upload your own JPG pictures for using them in a slideshow!Slide Shows In the Picturebanners you're able to upload your own JPG pictures and use them in the banners!Picture 468*60 Graphic banners with amazing flash effects!Graphic 468*60 The sound banners play a little sound loop when the user moves his mouse over it!Sound 468*60 In the Picturebanners you're able to upload your own JPG pictures and use them in the banners!Page peel
80x210, another banner format which is very useful, because it can easily be placed in navigation bars!80*210
Big big skyscraper banners including your own pictures160*600

Feb. 21. 2015

Welcome to the new Help and FAQ Area

You may have recognized that just at this moment the left hand navigation-bar has extended. There you find some further interesting links with answers to questions you might have regarding the banner maker. This could be about:
  • HTML-code
  • clickTAG
  • Convert flash files into HTML5 / CSS3
  • or answers to questions users had in the past
If your question doesn't get answered satisfying feel free to leave your comment or question here!


Comment from Rudi, Feb. 17. 2016
I have created a 3 picture banner. This Banner has the ending SWF. After saving it, I can`t open it. Im working with Firefox and windows 8.

Can you help ?

Comment from Belinda, Mar. 23. 2016
I ordered a animaated banner today. I recevied it in a SWF-Formate. I urgently need it in a png* or jpg* Formate. It is the banner 00842-moving_110510.swfcan you convert it an send it again to Thank you. Belinda Romero // ps. the banner ist already paid; otherwise I canīt use it.

ANSWER → Sorry, this is not possible. The banner is a animated file, it cannot be converted to a JPG or PNG format, what is just a graphic format.

Comment from Ian Naidoo, Jun. 10. 2016
i love this easy to use software as i am a visually impaired man semi blind it is easy for me can i buy a copy so i can use use it offline for my erbsitesGod?
blessIan NaidooEmail - africaplease help me guys i was looking for so long for something easy to use to create things for my website.
Answer → Sorry, this is no stand alone software. It can only be run on a webserver. I never tried to convert it or create a software from that. It wouldn't be worth unfortunately :(

Comment from boloa, Dec. 18. 2016
tried making a banner but I keep getting a online dating icon coming up on the bottom of the banner
---------------------------------------> That's right, there is a little advertisment on the free banners.

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